Location: Alpha and Bravo Risk Sectors

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First Mention:  Primary Collision

Significance:  The areas behind Defensive Line Bear, separated into two sectors, Bravo directly behind Bear.  Alpha encompasses the areas from beyond Pluto

Description:  Mostly empty space with various solar systems scattered throughout.  No stations or inhabitated planets during the time covered in Primary Collision.

Location: Alpha reaches from the orbit of Pluto to half the distance to Bear, and the other half f the distance is designated as Bravo risk zone.  The Alarians consider it the Ergothan Sector.

Location: Ergothan Sector

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First Appearance:  Primary Collision

Significance:  The edge of the frontier where the human fleets are located.

Description:  Large expanse covering most of the frontier.

Location:  Area of Alarian space past any organized claim by any clan or family.  Encompassing but not limited to what the humans have set up as Defense Line Wolf, Cougar and Bear.

Location: Portogee

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First Mention:  Disconnect

Significance:  Planet where The Maple Leaf Express landed and Arthur hit Levimap with a snowball after she made fun of him for slipping on the ice while he observed the ore being unloaded.

Description:  None

Location: Alarian Frontier  planet.

Location: Chetanit

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First Mention:  Disconnect

Significance:  Planet where The Maple Leaf Express landed and Arthur and Levimap got out to look at the fire clouds, a local natural phenomenon.

Description:  None

Location: Alarian Frontier  planet in the Ergothan Sector.

Location: Fivel Dise

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First Mention:  Scouts Out

Significance: Planet in the Fivel system, sight of an attack where a Long Range Recon Ship was destroyed, partial name Warrior.

Description:  A planet with an Alarian military base on it.  The planet has at least three moons.

Location: Fivel system.

Locations: Custanock

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First Appearance:  Disconnect

Significance:  Trading Center

Description:  A heavily taxed free trade center, toxic atmosphere to most lifeforms, all commerce takes place inside, multi-levels, ban on all projectile weapons.  Controlled by an Alarian clan.

Location: Originally on the frontier of Alarian space, now considered the gateway to the frontier.