Maple Leaf Express

Location: Chetanit

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First Mention:  Disconnect

Significance:  Planet where The Maple Leaf Express landed and Arthur and Levimap got out to look at the fire clouds, a local natural phenomenon.

Description:  None

Location: Alarian Frontier  planet in the Ergothan Sector.

Ship: The Lava Lemur

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First Appearance:  Disconnect

Affiliation:  Unified Earth Fleet (Stranger)

Designation:       1st Squadron

Class:  Bravo

Support Ship: Unknown

Tender:  Unknown

Commanding Officer:  Unknown

Positrontic Brain:  Unknown

Crew:  6 personnel

Significance:  Picked up Marines and Biestes from the Maple Leaf Express on September 12, 2154.

Character: Vanactotick

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Rank: None

Affiliation:  Free Biestes Government

Assignment:   Communications Officer on Maple Leaf Express as of  September  12, 2154.

1st Appearance:  Disconnect

Description:  Middle Aged Biestes with a sour disposition, uncanny memory even for a race that had a fantastic memory.

Nickname:  Van

Hobbies: Unknown

Background:  Arthur of the Maple Leaf Express talks him into joining crew.

Ships: Maple Leaf Express

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Affiliation:   Originally from Sanctuary, excess ship.

Designation:    Long range, medium sized freighter.

Class:  Bravo

Personnel:   Designed for a crew of five, redesigned to be handled by one person.

Support Ship:   None

Tender:  None

Commanding Officer:  Arthur David Hood

Positrontic Brain:  Solomon

Crew:  Orginally none.

1st Mate:  Levimap of the Gussphos Family