Alarian Money

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First Mention:  Disconnect

First Appearance:  Disconnect

Description: Alarian Monetary Units

Based on 75 unit system. 

75 Hamps equal one Drega

75 Dregas equal one Trega

75 Tregas equal one Quatrega

75 Quatregas equal one Cintrega

75 Cintregas equal one Cotrega

Items: Environmental Suits

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Environmental Suits

Mark One-Soft Suit, Fully Articulated, Dura- 3 hrs.  Most Comfortable suit,  worn during combat conditions on Charlie Class  ships. 

Mark Two-Semi Hard Shell (torso), fully articulated, fairly comfortable, Duration- 5 hrs., worn by hangar crews and some repair personnel.

 Mark Three- Hard Shell,  Major Points articulated,  Duration- 8 hrs.  worn by all flight crews of Alpha and Bravo Class ships, Tactical Protection Level One. 

Mark Four-  Hard Shell,  articulated at all major points,  Dura- 10 hrs.  Can be adapted with multiple tools,  Rescue work,  Repair work, Any long term work in non-friendly environments.  Additional adaptations exo-sketal power.  Tactical Protection Level Two.

Mark Five- Hard Shell, Articulated at Major Points,  Exo-Sketal power times three,  Duration- 15 hours,  comes equipped with internal positioning controls,  Can have a variety of systems including weapons,  heavy repair, mining,  and survey.  Worn by Marines and Deep Space Mining, and Extensive Repair work.    Larger than all other Suits.  Tactical Level Three, Four if Weapons package is fully installed. 

EVA Pack- Attaches to suits 2 thru 5.  Increases Duration time by double if fully loaded. 

Type One Mobile Platform- Used to Transport Material in Deep Space. Has Plug ins for two personnel.

Type Two Mobile Platform-Used to Transport personnel in deep space, Suits plug in for numerous personnel.

Item: Walz

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First Mention:  Primary Collision

First Appearance:  Primary Collision

Description: A unit of temperature measurement

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Item: Swits

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First Mention:  Primary Collision

First Appearance:  Primary Collision

Description: A unit of atmospheric measurement

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Item: Ursant

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First Mention:  Primary Collison

First Appearance:

Nickname:  Unknown

Description:  A large Alarian mammal who lives in a den and gives birth to numerous cubs, like an Earth bear.

Rank Structure

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Rank Structures In the Outfitters Universe:

Stranger Fleet

Command                                 Flight                           Technical                            Marine

11 Admiral
10 Commander                        Commander                 Commander                      Commander
9 Lt. Comdr                              Lt. Comdr.                     Lt. Comdr.                         Lt. Comdr.
8 Sr. Captain                             Sr. Captain                    Chief WO 4                        Colonel
7 Jr. Captain                             Jr. Captain                     Chief WO 3                         Major
6 Sr. Lt.                                     Sr. Lt.                             Chief WO 2                         Captain
5 Jr. Lt.                                     Jr. Lt.                               Warrant Officer                  Lt.
4 Ensign                                  Ensign                             Senior Tech                        Senior SGT
3 SGT                                                                              Tech 3                                 SGT
2 Ranger                                                                         Tech 2                                 CPL
1                                                                                      Tech 1                                Marine


Earth Fleets

Command                                  Techincal

27 Admiral in Chief
26 Rear Admiral
25 Fleet Admiral
24 Admiral
23 Commodore
22 Commander
21 Lt. Commander
20 Colonel
19 Lt. Colonel
18 Major                                 Senior Chief WO
17 Senior Captain                  Chief WO4
16 Jr. Captain                        Chief WO3
15 Sr. Lt.                                Chief WO2
14 Jr. Lt.                                 Chief WO1
13 Ensign                               Warrant Officer
12 Command SGT Major
11 Sgt. Major
10 1st Sgt.                              Sr. Tech
9 Platoon Sgt.
8 Sgt. First Class
7 Staff Sgt.                             Tech6
6 Sgt.
5 Cpl.                                     Tech 5
4 Lance Cpl.                           Tech 4
3 Specialist                            Tech 3
2 PFC                                     Tech 2
1 PVT                                     Tech 1

Comparison of Rank Structure

Earth                                     Stranger

Fleet Admiral 25                   Admiral 11
Commander 22                    Commander 10
Colonel 20                            Lt. Commander 9
Major 18                              Sr. Capt 8
Jr. Capt 16                            Jr. Capt 7
Sr. Lt. 15                               Sr. Lt. 6
Jr. Lt. 14                               Jr. Lt. 5
Ensign 13                            Ensign 4
Sgt. First Class 8                  SGT 3
Cpl 5                                    Ranger/CPL 2
Spec. 3                                 Marine 1

Item: Item 24

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First Mention:  Primary Collision

First Appearance: Primary Collision

Description:  The 24th item on a checklist Admiral Bashir has developed to chart when his plans will be initiated to begin a covert unauthorized action involving the Stranger Fleet.  No New Fleet Personnel are involved in this plan and great lengths have been taken to keep the plan a secret.

Writing Origin: Just a random number at first, but slowly built up items on the list as I was writing the book Primary Collision.

Item: Home Solar Defense Forces

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First Mention:  Primary Collision

First Appearance:

Description:  The Home Solar Defense Force is tasked with regulating incoming and outgoing traffic from Earth’s solar system.  These forces are the last line of defense for the solar system.   Made up of rejects from the New Earth Fleet personnel and people who are either politically or economically connected to the power structure of the Earth government.

Writing Origin:

Items: Starry Night Over the Rhone

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First Mention:  Primary Collision

First Appearance:  Primary Collision

Description:  Painting, a print now hangs in Oliver and Lou’s quarters on the Redemption.   Wrongfully attributed to Vincent Price who while a magnificent human being and an art lover is the wrong Vincent from history.

Writing Origin:  Decided to pick a less popular one of Van Gogh’s pieces for Lou to admire.

Item: Flavian Spice

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First Mention:  Disconnect

First Appearance:  Disconnect

Description:  Flavian Spice is a narcotic, used in medical procedures but also abused.    Fumes are released at a higher temperature unless not brought up to the local temperature slowly, which in Alarians and other humanoids can cause paranoia, disorientation,  and erratic violent behavior.    Can be used as a trade or barter instrument.

Writing Origin:  Thought of the Kessel Run smuggling spice in the Star Wars Universe.