Items: Starry Night Over the Rhone

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First Mention:  Primary Collision

First Appearance:  Primary Collision

Description:  Painting, a print now hangs in Oliver and Lou’s quarters on the Redemption.   Wrongfully attributed to Vincent Price who while a magnificent human being and an art lover is the wrong Vincent from history.

Writing Origin:  Decided to pick a less popular one of Van Gogh’s pieces for Lou to admire.

Item: Flavian Spice

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First Mention:  Disconnect

First Appearance:  Disconnect

Description:  Flavian Spice is a narcotic, used in medical procedures but also abused.    Fumes are released at a higher temperature unless not brought up to the local temperature slowly, which in Alarians and other humanoids can cause paranoia, disorientation,  and erratic violent behavior.    Can be used as a trade or barter instrument.

Writing Origin:  Thought of the Kessel Run smuggling spice in the Star Wars Universe.

Item: Auto-Doc

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First Mention:  Scouts Out

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  The Auto-Doc is an medical evaluation and treatment device.  A cabinet like device used able to fit humans and treat them for all major and minor injuries and conditions.  The more serious the injury or condition the longer a person must remain in the device.  Built on the B.E.D. device.   Auto-Docs are found on most Charlie Class ships and above.

Item: B.E.D.

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First Mention:  Q Runner

First Appearance:  Q Runner

Description:  B.E.D. stands for Basic Evaluation Device , a medical scanning device for humans, later adapted to Biestes and other aliens , used to evaluate and determine injuries and overall health of a person.  B.E.D.s  are foundation device of Auto-Docs.

Item: Pilot Levels

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5     –  Elementary Level,  passed test on controls,  Minimum of Ten hours in simulator

4   –  Passed Test Extensive test on all procedures.  Minimum thirty hours in simulator, at least one landing and takeoff solo in space for Bravo class, tested on traffic controls procedures in Charlie Class and above.

3    –  Passed advanced test on controls, minimum of sixty hours in simulator,  solo landings both atmosphere and shipboard, for Charlie class and higher passed test on controlling traffic  procedures both standard and emergency.  For Bravo Class ship and higher at least ten simulated hyperspace jumps.

2  –  One hundred hours in simulator,  two actual hyperspace jumps for Bravo class and higher,  fifty hours at actual controls.

1   –  One hundred hours behind controls,  ship to ship docking completed.

First Appearance:  Q Runner


Item: Earth Ship Classes

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Alpha-  No hyperdrive, atmospheric capable, small enough to land on other ships.  ( Rescue Runners, Ambulances, shuttles, some fighters, Drop Ships)

Bravo-  Hyperdrive, atmosphere capable and ship board landings, typically multi-person crews. (Recon ships, Gunships, Bombers, Shark fighters)

Charlie- Hyperdrive, large landing bays for Alpha and Bravo class ships, usually support ships (the Endurance, hospital ships, fighter base ships, Marine base ships)

Delta –  Hyperdrive, warships, heavily armed and armored.

Echo –  Hyperdrive, Squadron and Fleet Command Ships, heavily armed and armored.

X-Ray  –  Specialty ships,  Defensive weapons only, hyper-drive capable  (Refit Ship, the  Star Digger, Farm Ship)

Item: Sensors

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First Mention:  Scouts Out

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  a passive means of detection used in space.  Visual, sound and detection of energy used in locating and determining energy emitted or reflected from an object or ship.