The Maple Leaf Express

Timeline: July 2150

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Sometime during the month of July 2150 Arthur Hood of the Maple Leaf Express finds Levimap on a Alarian Corsair.

Timeline: April 2150

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Sometime during this month Arthur Hood left the Unified Earth Fleet in a ship he would later name the Maple Leaf Express.

Character: Solomon

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Rank:  None

Affiliation:  Formerly of Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)- Supplemental Ship

Assignment: The Maple Leaf Express

1st Appearance:  Disconnect

Description:  Positrontic Brain

Nickname:   Sol


Location: Portogee

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First Mention:  Disconnect

Significance:  Planet where The Maple Leaf Express landed and Arthur hit Levimap with a snowball after she made fun of him for slipping on the ice while he observed the ore being unloaded.

Description:  None

Location: Alarian Frontier  planet.