Timeline: November 28, 2151

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As noted in Scouts Out

The Arrogant Lion departs with Commander Wasboski to open negotiations with the Aeraks Clan, on of the members of the High Alarian Senate.

Timeline: December 25, 2150

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As seen in Q Runner.

On Sanctuary as the start of competitions during Christmas Break the Fleet Marathon is run.  The Christmas Break is in effect when possible, and the Fleet Marathon will be run until 2154.

Timeline: July 2150

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Sometime during the month of July 2150 Arthur Hood of the Maple Leaf Express finds Levimap on a Alarian Corsair.

Timeline: April 2150

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Sometime during this month Arthur Hood left the Unified Earth Fleet in a ship he would later name the Maple Leaf Express.

Timeline: January 1, 2150

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First Member of the Earth Unified Fleet awakes on Sanctuary, Admiral Bashir.    The Admiral will later relate in his biography that he was awake for 48 hours, the first 24 in a facsimile of his military quarters in New Delhi, the second 48 hours with his personal robot touring Sanctuary.   He never reveals the nature of the person who appeared to him as a hologram.



Timeline: 2050

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Noted in Scouts Out

Significance:   Latest date the last person was taken from Earth’s history by the Outfitters, that person being Robert Bashir.

Timeline: Sunday, March 28, 2151

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Noted in Q Runner

Significance:   Date the last  portion of Third Squadron arrived at the location of Defensive Line Wolf (DLW).   At this point all of the Unified Earth Fleet (Stranger) has arrived where Wolf would be  built.