2nd Renegade Tale

Alarian Empire Areas

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First Mention:  2nd Renegade Tale

Significance:  The Core, The Interior and The Zone

Description:  Three distinct areas of the Alarian Imperial Empire.

The Core is strictly limited to Alarian ships, Alarians and their servants.

The Interior, stable borders are firmly established between Clans. Highly regulated with taxes, tariffs and regulations.

The Zone, expansion area of space, up for grabs between Clans, all area is considered Alarian even if the Alarians have not been to it yet.

Location: Centered around Alar Prime, everything but the Core is subject to change, and The Core may be changed upon the whim of the emperor.

Alien: Candosian

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Race:  Candosian

First Appearance:  The Second Renegade Tale (Not released at this point.)

Description:  Bipedal, average height 2 meters, green, four arms when they are adults, earth like atmosphere, a low gravity planet, limited eyesight, and reflexes and speed is a bit below human levels, so a terrible fighter.

Home world destroyed by Alarians, refugees around the galaxy.

Attempted to mug Max.

Character: Polshe

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Rank: Emperor

Affiliation: Alarian Empire

1st Appearance:  2nd Renegade Tale

Description:  Male, Alarian

Nickname: Polshe the Visionary

Hobbies: History and Mythology

Background:  The only Alarian Emperor to ever die in his sleep.

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