Language: Schwab

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Language:  Alarian

First Appearance:  Primary Collision

Meaning:  A feeling that the prey or the object you have been searching for is close by.


Writing History:   Adapted from the last name of Kevin Smith’s wife’s maiden name Schwalbach.  I had just seen Jay and Silent Bob Reboot this past week and she appeared in it, so I think the name was just floating around in my brain, drop a letter or two and a whole alien word sort of emerges.

Language: Sabring

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Language:  Alarian

First Appearance:  Primary Collision

Meaning:  swear word

Explanation:  human equivalent to fuck

Writing History:   While watching Sliders, needed a word so I took it from Sabrina Lloyd, not I have any thing against the pretty lady, but I needed a word so I adapted her first name.

Language: Cartan

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Alarian rank:   Senior Enlisted personnel, a non commissioned officer.

First Appearance:  Disconnect


Alarian Time

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Cycle:  Similar to a Earth year approx. 400 days

Phase:  Similar to a Earth month, approx. 20 days, 20 phases in a Cycle.

Interval: Approx. 3 Earth days, typical Alarian shift of work is half a interval.

Arn:  Roughly two earth hours.

Language: Cantuck

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Language:   High Alarian

First Appearance:  Disconnect

Meaning:  Three month period of hostilities between two families.

Explanation:  A three month period of hostilities between two families, a formal grab for  power and property.  Must pay the ruling council a  fee for the privilege of a Cantuck.

Language: Laglie

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Language:  Alarian

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Meaning:  name for the lowest class of Alarians, not affiliated with any clans.

Explanation:  In a very class conscious society the lowest class in on the bottom of the pecking order.

Language: Blubok

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Language:  Stetonian

Meaning:  A large pylon, three sided, about nine feet tall, tapered from bottom to top, about four feet at the base to about two feet wide at the top.  Made up of  gold alloy, mixed with some iron and other metals to give it a bit more toughness

Explanation:  Stetonian pylon of command. Regimental size units are given one of these pylons. The figures engraved on the surface, pictograph forming the Stetonian code of battle, how to fight, how to march, some marching songs on the other side. Over time the Stetonians warriors coat this pylon with the blood of their dead,  they add their own pictographs and take it with them on every battle and when they go home to their village it is kept in a place of honor.”

Writing Origin:  Based on the U.S. Army’s Blue Book.   (Without the blood of course, except maybe your own.)

First Appearance:  Q Runner