Character: Purp

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Rank: Captian

Affiliation:  Alarians

Assignment:  Corsair, The Black Heart

1st Appearance:  Primary Collision

Description:  Male Alarian

Nickname: Unknown

Hobbies:  Very competent commander.

Background:  Part of the task force assigned to find Earth under the Callhinty Diestes

Writing Background:

Ship: The Black Heart

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Affiliation:   Alarian Imperial Fleet

Designation:  Corsair

Class:  Charlie

Personnel: 32

Name: The Black Heart

Support Ship: None

Tender:  None

Commanding Officer:   Purp

First Mention:  Primary Collision

Item: Ursant

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First Mention:  Primary Collison

First Appearance:

Nickname:  Unknown

Description:  A large Alarian mammal who lives in a den and gives birth to numerous cubs, like an Earth bear.

Language: Schwab

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Language:  Alarian

First Appearance:  Primary Collision

Meaning:  A feeling that the prey or the object you have been searching for is close by.


Writing History:   Adapted from the last name of Kevin Smith’s wife’s maiden name Schwalbach.  I had just seen Jay and Silent Bob Reboot this past week and she appeared in it, so I think the name was just floating around in my brain, drop a letter or two and a whole alien word sort of emerges.

Character: Galunta

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Rank: Crewmember

Affiliation:  Alarians

Assignment:  Corsair

1st Appearance:  Primary Collision

Description:  Male Alarian

Nickname: Unknown

Hobbies:  Very heavy drinker especially after being captured.

Background:  Captured by the crew of the Arrogant Lion when his ship was mostly destroyed by stay behind missiles.

Writing Background:

Language: Cartan

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Alarian rank:   Senior Enlisted personnel, a non commissioned officer.

First Appearance:  Disconnect


Alarian Time

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Cycle:  Similar to a Earth year approx. 400 days

Phase:  Similar to a Earth month, approx. 20 days, 20 phases in a Cycle.

Interval: Approx. 3 Earth days, typical Alarian shift of work is half a interval.

Arn:  Roughly two earth hours.

Aliens: Alarians

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Race:  Alarian

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Second Appearance:  Disconnect

Description:  The Alarians originators of the collaboration the Horde; brought the other two races together.  The Alarians are directed by a guiding philosophy of good old fashion greed and lust for power achieved by conquest, dictatorships, and raping a planet of its resources whether they were animal, vegetable or mineral.  Black, dark blue or green hair.   Black teeth.  Black blood.   Blue spit.

Writing Origin:  Based on the blue aliens, the Gamilas, in the starship Yamato series that I watched as s kid.

 GamilasAdded the tattoos based on the Maori tribal tattoos, but more angular, like the Alarian bone structure.  maoritattoo



Language: Cantuck

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Language:   High Alarian

First Appearance:  Disconnect

Meaning:  Three month period of hostilities between two families.

Explanation:  A three month period of hostilities between two families, a formal grab for  power and property.  Must pay the ruling council a  fee for the privilege of a Cantuck.

Ship: The Emperor’s Anger

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First Appearance:  Scout Out

Affiliation:  Alarian Imperial Fleet

Designation: The Emperor’s Anger

Class:  Stellar Rand

Support Ship: None

Tender:  Unknown

Commanding Officer:  Admiral Farck son of Bostick

Positrontic Brain:  No personality.

Crew:  Space for close to five thousand Alarians and a detachment of Stetonians.

Significance:  Destroyed the Peace Questor with a minimal crew,  very large ship.  Contained only a fifth of its typical complement, due to being on a training mission, when destroyed in a battle initiated by the Arrogant Lion, towed into a Red Dwarf star when engines taken out.