Character: Alex

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Rank:  Chief Engineer/ Warrant Officer

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)

Assignment: ? Warrior  ?, Long Range Recon Ship  2 of 15, 2nd Squadron.

1st Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  Human male

Nickname:  Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Background: Kind, took care of Endurance Techs.

Ship: Warrior

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Affiliation:   United Earth (Stranger) Fleet

Designation:    Long Range Reconnaissance and Attack Ship,  2 of 15 of the 2nd Squadron

Class:  Bravo

Personnel:   13

Support Ship:   The Endurance

Tender:  Two Shark type fighters

Commanding Officer:  Ivan   (Unknown Last Name)

Positrontic Brain:  Unknown

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Background:  The Warrior (no other designation, but all Long Range Recon ships have two word names) was destroyed during the raid on the Fivel System.   Head Engineer:  Alex.

Location: Fivel Dise

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First Mention:  Scouts Out

Significance: Planet in the Fivel system, sight of an attack where a Long Range Recon Ship was destroyed, partial name Warrior.

Description:  A planet with an Alarian military base on it.  The planet has at least three moons.

Location: Fivel system.