Ship: Zanshi

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Affiliation:   Unified Earth Fleet

Designation: Command Ship

Class:  Charilie

Personnel:  Unknown

Name: Zanshi means: You prefer to negotiate rather than fight.

Support Ship: None

Tender: None

Commanding Officer:  Detris

Positronic Brain:  No name given.

First Mention:  Primary Collision

Character: Timothy Poland

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Rank: Jr. Lt. Affiliation:  Unified Earth Fleet, (Modern Fleet) Assignment:  Seen briefly being the Aide for Commander Wasboski 1st Appearance:  Primary Collision Description:  Male, Human Nickname: Timmy Hobbies: Unknown Background:  Lightweight in drinking Writing Background:  Named after two people I met in college.  Brett and his friend Tim.

Writing Lessons #1

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When writing a story with a lot of named characters do not give secondary characters similar names.  The Rangers on The Arrogant Lion are named Fenuchi and Fundowkoski. (Holiday and Verde as well, but they are easier to differentiate.)

The Engineering Tech is named Flavius.

This has lead to some confusion on my part and I am sure I have used Flavius and Fenuchi somewhat interchangeably even though Flavius is clearly the Engineer and Fenuchi has the additional task of being the ship’s medic.

Sorry for any confusion when reading the book.