Alarian Empire Areas

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First Mention:  2nd Renegade Tale

Significance:  The Core, The Interior and The Zone

Description:  Three distinct areas of the Alarian Imperial Empire.

The Core is strictly limited to Alarian ships, Alarians and their servants.

The Interior, stable borders are firmly established between Clans. Highly regulated with taxes, tariffs and regulations.

The Zone, expansion area of space, up for grabs between Clans, all area is considered Alarian even if the Alarians have not been to it yet.

Location: Centered around Alar Prime, everything but the Core is subject to change, and The Core may be changed upon the whim of the emperor.

Alarian Money

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First Mention:  Disconnect

First Appearance:  Disconnect

Description: Alarian Monetary Units

Based on 75 unit system. 

75 Hamps equal one Drega

75 Dregas equal one Trega

75 Tregas equal one Quatrega

75 Quatregas equal one Cintrega

75 Cintregas equal one Cotrega

Character: Walwil

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Rank: Unknown

Affiliation: Callahnity Alarian Empire

Assignment:  Unknown

1st Appearance:  Primary Collision

Description:  Male, Alarian


Hobbies: Unknown

Background:  Member of the Callahnity team investigating the destruction of the Alarian ship The Empereror’s Anger

Writing Background:

Language: Cartan

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Alarian rank:   Senior Enlisted personnel, a non commissioned officer.

First Appearance:  Disconnect


Alarian Time

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Cycle:  Similar to a Earth year approx. 400 days

Phase:  Similar to a Earth month, approx. 20 days, 20 phases in a Cycle.

Interval: Approx. 3 Earth days, typical Alarian shift of work is half a interval.

Arn:  Roughly two earth hours.

Aliens: Fantan

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Race:  Fantan

First Appearance:  Disconnect

Description:  A race that acts as administrators, clerks, and functionaries for the Alarian empire.  Trusted by the Alarians to handle weapons in a limited fashion.   Physically similar to humans.

Aliens: Alarians

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Race:  Alarian

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Second Appearance:  Disconnect

Description:  The Alarians originators of the collaboration the Horde; brought the other two races together.  The Alarians are directed by a guiding philosophy of good old fashion greed and lust for power achieved by conquest, dictatorships, and raping a planet of its resources whether they were animal, vegetable or mineral.  Black, dark blue or green hair.   Black teeth.  Black blood.   Blue spit.

Writing Origin:  Based on the blue aliens, the Gamilas, in the starship Yamato series that I watched as s kid.

 GamilasAdded the tattoos based on the Maori tribal tattoos, but more angular, like the Alarian bone structure.  maoritattoo



Language: Laglie

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Language:  Alarian

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Meaning:  name for the lowest class of Alarians, not affiliated with any clans.

Explanation:  In a very class conscious society the lowest class in on the bottom of the pecking order.

Aliens: Stetonianain

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Race:  Stetonian

First Mention:  Scouts Out

First Appearance:  Q Runner

Description:  Member of the Horde in name.  But basically a slave race to the Alarians.   A violent and ill tempered race, kinda of like Klingons without the opera. Incredibly tough.

At least two and a half meters tall, two arms two legs, humanoid, a man shaped Triceratops or Rhinoceros with the horns,

Tribal organization only, never would have left their home planet without the Alarians.   The Alarians developed their medicine, separated them so they could increase in population and used by the Alarians as ground troops.

Writing Origin:  Based in appearance on the Triceratons in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Judon from Dr. Who.  


Locations : End Rocks (or Rocks End)

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First Appearance:  Disconnect

Significance:  A mining/trading post.

Description: A barely habitable planet had large mining operation at one time, but located in a poorly charted asteroid belt.  Lawless Area, not claimed by any Alarian Clan.

Location:  On the furthest edge of Alarian claimed space.