Character: Kim

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Rank:  Captain Junior Grade

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)

Assignment: ? Stallion  ?, Long Range Recon Ship  6 of 15, 2nd Squadron.

1st Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  Human male

Nickname:  Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Background: Unknown

Character: Jack Keri

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Rank:   Captain, Sr.

Affiliation:  1st Earth Fleet

Assignment:  Military attaché to Ambassador Jefferson

1st Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  Young, long expertly styled hair,

Nickname:  Unknown

Hobbies: Plays guitar- Old folk music- TV theme songs and jingles.

Background:  Politically connected family.  Dies running and hiding when the peace delegation is attacked.

Character: Franklin

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Rank:   None

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)

Assignment:  Personal robot to Robert Bashir Commander of all Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)

1st Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  Biped, green in color,

Nickname:  Franky

Hobbies: None

Background:  Given to Robert Bashir by the Outfitters, handles all personal items for the Admiral.  First robot Leo Grant ever saw sit down in a chair.

Character: Robert Bashir

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Rank:   Admiral

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)

Assignment:  Commander of all Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)

1st Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  Human male. Early 30’s,

Nickname:  None

Hobbies: Reading

Background:  a Major in the Indian Ocean Defense Force before being snatched in 2050, loftiest aspiration was to someday become a colonel.     The only person in the Fleet with a personal droid, Franklin and bodyguards.

Writing Orgin:  Named after the character Julian Bashir from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  

Character: Pete

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Rank:   Unknown

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)

Assignment:  2nd Squadron Battleship,The Muhammad Ali

1st Appearance:  Q Runner

Description:  Human male,

Nickname:  Unknown

Hobbies: Works for Mac in his gambling ring.

Background:  Unknown

Character: Vanactotick

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Rank: None

Affiliation:  Free Biestes Government

Assignment:   Communications Officer on Maple Leaf Express as of  September  12, 2154.

1st Appearance:  Disconnect

Description:  Middle Aged Biestes with a sour disposition, uncanny memory even for a race that had a fantastic memory.

Nickname:  Van

Hobbies: Unknown

Background:  Arthur of the Maple Leaf Express talks him into joining crew.

Character: Patrick “Paddy” Murphy

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Rank:   Warrant Officer

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)  Rescue Runner Five of Ten, 2nd Squadron

Assignment:  Free Lunch of the Clara Barton

1st Appearance:  Q Runner

Description: Tall, thin, with thin red hair.

Nickname:  Paddy

Hobbies: loves talking about boxing, baseball

Background:  Immigrant to Brooklyn when he was five,  wanted to be a fightfighter but was turned down due to flat feet, was a shopkeeper,  taken from 1929, loves to talk boxing w/Clark,  younger brother became Golden Gloves in 1930.  In charge of all medical decisions on Free Lunch.  Decides level of treatments of each patient based on resources of Auto-docs.  Wears Brooklyn Dodgers hat whenever he can.  Plays catch with whoever will.  “old man” of the crew at twenty-five

Writing Origin:  An amalgamation of all the fine Physician Assistants I knew in the Army.   

William Christopher-Gomer Pyle
Think taller but just as thin as William Christopher. Red hair as well. He was thirty five, a little old to be a Private in the USMC.