Item: Flavian Spice

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First Mention:  Disconnect

First Appearance:  Disconnect

Description:  Flavian Spice is a narcotic, used in medical procedures but also abused.    Fumes are released at a higher temperature unless not brought up to the local temperature slowly, which in Alarians and other humanoids can cause paranoia, disorientation,  and erratic violent behavior.    Can be used as a trade or barter instrument.

Writing Origin:  Thought of the Kessel Run smuggling spice in the Star Wars Universe.

Item: Auto-Doc

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First Mention:  Scouts Out

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  The Auto-Doc is an medical evaluation and treatment device.  A cabinet like device used able to fit humans and treat them for all major and minor injuries and conditions.  The more serious the injury or condition the longer a person must remain in the device.  Built on the B.E.D. device.   Auto-Docs are found on most Charlie Class ships and above.

Item: Auto Doc

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First Mention:  Scouts Out

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  A large cabinet looking device, horizontal,  that could fit an entire person, and once enclosed the person’s health is immediately evaluated and treated for any and all injuries, wounds, sickness, or bodily harm they have sustained.  The greater the injury the longer the time in the Auto-Doc.


Character: Patrick “Paddy” Murphy

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Rank:   Warrant Officer

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)  Rescue Runner Five of Ten, 2nd Squadron

Assignment:  Free Lunch of the Clara Barton

1st Appearance:  Q Runner

Description: Tall, thin, with thin red hair.

Nickname:  Paddy

Hobbies: loves talking about boxing, baseball

Background:  Immigrant to Brooklyn when he was five,  wanted to be a fightfighter but was turned down due to flat feet, was a shopkeeper,  taken from 1929, loves to talk boxing w/Clark,  younger brother became Golden Gloves in 1930.  In charge of all medical decisions on Free Lunch.  Decides level of treatments of each patient based on resources of Auto-docs.  Wears Brooklyn Dodgers hat whenever he can.  Plays catch with whoever will.  “old man” of the crew at twenty-five

Writing Origin:  An amalgamation of all the fine Physician Assistants I knew in the Army.   

William Christopher-Gomer Pyle
Think taller but just as thin as William Christopher. Red hair as well. He was thirty five, a little old to be a Private in the USMC.