Language: Blubok

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Language:  Stetonian

Meaning:  A large pylon, three sided, about nine feet tall, tapered from bottom to top, about four feet at the base to about two feet wide at the top.  Made up of  gold alloy, mixed with some iron and other metals to give it a bit more toughness

Explanation:  Stetonian pylon of command. Regimental size units are given one of these pylons. The figures engraved on the surface, pictograph forming the Stetonian code of battle, how to fight, how to march, some marching songs on the other side. Over time the Stetonians warriors coat this pylon with the blood of their dead,  they add their own pictographs and take it with them on every battle and when they go home to their village it is kept in a place of honor.”

Writing Origin:  Based on the U.S. Army’s Blue Book.   (Without the blood of course, except maybe your own.)

First Appearance:  Q Runner

Character: George William Clinton Jefferson

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Rank:   Ambassador

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Government

Assignment:  Peace  Questor

1st Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  Six foot, three inches, Caucasian with slightly graying dark brown hair, with two blue eyes and a total average looking face, not handsome, but not plain either.  Intially dressed in a suit, but with no lapels or collar, charcoal gray in color, with a very clean white pullover shirt with a stunted turtleneck.

Nickname:  Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Background:  Politician from Earth who pulled all strings and called in all favors to be appointed to the first Ambassador to the Alarian Empire.   Died on Picardo 27 when the Alarian Empire destroyed the Peace Questor.

Writing Origin:  Do I really need to explain the origin of this politically minded, fame seeking and clueless character.