Character: Phillip A. Xazier

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Rank:   Tech 3

Position:   Sergeant

Assignment:  Free Lunch

1st Appearance:  Q Runner

Description:  Human, male,  short and powerfully built.

2nd Appearance:

Nickname:  Philly

Hobbies: Gambling,  Phillip doesn’t drink but does gamble and is trying to juggle two girls at once,  Barb a same rank peer on a Rescue Runner and Melissa a Medical tech on an ambulance crew from the Squadron Command ship the George Washington.

Background:  From Florida, small town 1962, father was a shopkeeper when sober, inherited business from father but Phillip’s Mom really ran the business.  A wheeler dealer, always has a scam going,

Writing Background:   Based in part by on my brother Kevin, who is very personable and outgoing.  


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