Admiral Bashir

Item: Item 24

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First Mention:  Primary Collision

First Appearance: Primary Collision

Description:  The 24th item on a checklist Admiral Bashir has developed to chart when his plans will be initiated to begin a covert unauthorized action involving the Stranger Fleet.  No New Fleet Personnel are involved in this plan and great lengths have been taken to keep the plan a secret.

Writing Origin: Just a random number at first, but slowly built up items on the list as I was writing the book Primary Collision.

Timeline: January 1, 2150

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First Member of the Earth Unified Fleet awakes on Sanctuary, Admiral Bashir.    The Admiral will later relate in his biography that he was awake for 48 hours, the first 24 in a facsimile of his military quarters in New Delhi, the second 48 hours with his personal robot touring Sanctuary.   He never reveals the nature of the person who appeared to him as a hologram.



Ship: The Redemption

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Affiliation:   United Earth (Stranger) Fleet

Designation:  Fleet Command Ship, Flag ship of Admiral Bashir

Class:  Echo

Personnel:  3,534

Support Ship: None

Tender:  395

Commanding Officer:   Capitan McMillian

Positronic Brain:  Unknown

First Mention:  Scouts Out