Timeline: January 1, 2150

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First Member of the Earth Unified Fleet awakes on Sanctuary, Admiral Bashir.    The Admiral will later relate in his biography that he was awake for 48 hours, the first 24 in a facsimile of his military quarters in New Delhi, the second 48 hours with his personal robot touring Sanctuary.   He never reveals the nature of the person who appeared to him as a hologram.



Ships: Maple Leaf Express

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Affiliation:   Originally from Sanctuary, excess ship.

Designation:    Long range, medium sized freighter.

Class:  Bravo

Personnel:   Designed for a crew of five, redesigned to be handled by one person.

Support Ship:   None

Tender:  None

Commanding Officer:  Arthur David Hood

Positrontic Brain:  Solomon

Crew:  Orginally none.

1st Mate:  Levimap of the Gussphos Family