Outfitters Universe

Rank Structure

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Rank Structures In the Outfitters Universe:

Stranger Fleet


 Command              Flight                   Technical           Marine


11        Admiral

10        Commander               Commander               Commander               Commander

9          Lt. Comdr.                 Lt. Comdr.                 Lt. Comdr.                 Lt. Comdr.

8          Sr. Captain                Sr. Captain                Chief WO4                 Colonel

7          Jr. Captain                 Jr. Captain                 Chief WO3                 Major

6          Sr. Lt.                         Sr. Lt.                         Chief WO2                 Captain

5          Jr. Lt.                         Jr. Lt.                         Warrant Officer        Lt.

4          Ensign                    Ensign                          Senior Tech                Senior SGT

3          SGT                                                                Tech3                          SGT

2          Ranger                                                           Tech2                          CPL

1                                                                                  Tech1                          Marine

Ship: The Tornado

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Affiliation:   United Earth (Stranger) Fleet

Designation:  Command Ship of the 2nd Squadron

Class:  Charlie

Personnel:  1,691

Name:  Named after a force of Nature

Support Ship:

Tender:  Gunships, Sharks, Bombers, Drop Ships and 2 Q Runners

Commanding Officer:   Commander Fisher

Positrontic Brain:  Unknown

First Mention:  Primary Collision

Character: Commander Fisher

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Rank: Commander

Affiliation:  Unified Earth Fleet (Old Fleet)

Assignment: The Tornado

1st Appearance:  Primary Collision

Description:  Human Male, Older

Nickname:  Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown


Writing Background:  

Timeline: 2050

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Noted in Scouts Out

Significance:   Latest date the last person was taken from Earth’s history by the Outfitters, that person being Robert Bashir.

Item: General Order IX, sub section 2.

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First Mention:  Q Runner

First Appearance:  Q Runner

Description:  General Order IX, subsection 2 Restricts the storage of alcoholic beverages on Alpha Class ships of the Unified Earth Fleet (Stranger).

Item: The Table

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First Mention:  Q Runner

First Appearance:  Q Runner

Description:  The Table is a human sized body scanning device for exact sizing of fitted Environmental Suits.  First demonstration when Paddy from the Free Lunch is injured and treated, in the process his suit is destroyed and a new one needs to be made.