Environmental Suits

Items: Environmental Suits

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Environmental Suits

Mark One-Soft Suit, Fully Articulated, Dura- 3 hrs.  Most Comfortable suit,  worn during combat conditions on Charlie Class  ships. 

Mark Two-Semi Hard Shell (torso), fully articulated, fairly comfortable, Duration- 5 hrs., worn by hangar crews and some repair personnel.

 Mark Three- Hard Shell,  Major Points articulated,  Duration- 8 hrs.  worn by all flight crews of Alpha and Bravo Class ships, Tactical Protection Level One. 

Mark Four-  Hard Shell,  articulated at all major points,  Dura- 10 hrs.  Can be adapted with multiple tools,  Rescue work,  Repair work, Any long term work in non-friendly environments.  Additional adaptations exo-sketal power.  Tactical Protection Level Two.

Mark Five- Hard Shell, Articulated at Major Points,  Exo-Sketal power times three,  Duration- 15 hours,  comes equipped with internal positioning controls,  Can have a variety of systems including weapons,  heavy repair, mining,  and survey.  Worn by Marines and Deep Space Mining, and Extensive Repair work.    Larger than all other Suits.  Tactical Level Three, Four if Weapons package is fully installed. 

EVA Pack- Attaches to suits 2 thru 5.  Increases Duration time by double if fully loaded. 

Type One Mobile Platform- Used to Transport Material in Deep Space. Has Plug ins for two personnel.

Type Two Mobile Platform-Used to Transport personnel in deep space, Suits plug in for numerous personnel.

Item: Shark

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First Mention:  Scouts Out

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  Extreme Long Range One Person fighter in the Unified Earth Fleet (Stranger).   Sharks have hyperdrive capability but limited to pre-planned jump positions, and only hold the coordinates for three precise jumps.  Pilots travel in full environmental suits and can be put into a suspended animation sleep if necessary.

Item: The Table

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First Mention:  Q Runner

First Appearance:  Q Runner

Description:  The Table is a human sized body scanning device for exact sizing of fitted Environmental Suits.  First demonstration when Paddy from the Free Lunch is injured and treated, in the process his suit is destroyed and a new one needs to be made.