Admiral to Ranger

Rank Structure

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Rank Structures In the Outfitters Universe:

Stranger Fleet


 Command              Flight                   Technical           Marine


11        Admiral

10        Commander               Commander               Commander               Commander

9          Lt. Comdr.                 Lt. Comdr.                 Lt. Comdr.                 Lt. Comdr.

8          Sr. Captain                Sr. Captain                Chief WO4                 Colonel

7          Jr. Captain                 Jr. Captain                 Chief WO3                 Major

6          Sr. Lt.                         Sr. Lt.                         Chief WO2                 Captain

5          Jr. Lt.                         Jr. Lt.                         Warrant Officer        Lt.

4          Ensign                    Ensign                          Senior Tech                Senior SGT

3          SGT                                                                Tech3                          SGT

2          Ranger                                                           Tech2                          CPL

1                                                                                  Tech1                          Marine