Alarian Imperial Fleet

Ship: The Black Heart

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Affiliation:   Alarian Imperial Fleet

Designation:  Corsair

Class:  Charlie

Personnel: 32

Name: The Black Heart

Support Ship: None

Tender:  None

Commanding Officer:   Purp

First Mention:  Primary Collision

Ship: The Emperor’s Anger

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First Appearance:  Scout Out

Affiliation:  Alarian Imperial Fleet

Designation: The Emperor’s Anger

Class:  Stellar Rand

Support Ship: None

Tender:  Unknown

Commanding Officer:  Admiral Farck son of Bostick

Positrontic Brain:  No personality.

Crew:  Space for close to five thousand Alarians and a detachment of Stetonians.

Significance:  Destroyed the Peace Questor with a minimal crew,  very large ship.  Contained only a fifth of its typical complement, due to being on a training mission, when destroyed in a battle initiated by the Arrogant Lion, towed into a Red Dwarf star when engines taken out.