Item: Earth Ship Classes

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Alpha-  No hyperdrive, atmospheric capable, small enough to land on other ships.  ( Rescue Runners, Ambulances, shuttles, some fighters, Drop Ships)

Bravo-  Hyperdrive, atmosphere capable and ship board landings, typically multi-person crews. (Recon ships, Gunships, Bombers, Shark fighters)

Charlie- Hyperdrive, large landing bays for Alpha and Bravo class ships, usually support ships (the Endurance, hospital ships, fighter base ships, Marine base ships)

Delta –  Hyperdrive, warships, heavily armed and armored.

Echo –  Hyperdrive, Squadron and Fleet Command Ships, heavily armed and armored.

X-Ray  –  Specialty ships,  Defensive weapons only, hyper-drive capable  (Refit Ship, the  Star Digger, Farm Ship)

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