Character: Leroy St. James

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Rank:   Commander

Position:   Chief of Staff for Admiral Bashir

1st Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:   thin black man with a stern looking face who appeared to be serious most of the time.

2nd Appearance:  3rd Fleet Story

Hobbies:  Likes cooking, makes omelets when Wasboski and the Admiral get together when Wasboski returns from Earth.

Proposed the peace mission to the Alarians but his peer Wasboski was sent instead.

Background:   Middle child of five, grew up in Uganda, was a shop keeper, convenience store, working for his parents, worked for siblings when parents died in the worldwide influenza outbreak of 2020.   Had one leg that was shorter than the other (birth defect and almost blind without glasses, all fixed by the Outfitters)   Read a lot of history and loves mathematics.

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