Character: Emma Anderson

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Rank:  Marine (resigned from Fleet, later made a Captain in the Earth Ground Forces)

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger), Earth Ground Forces

Assignment: Training Camp, Idaho

1st Appearance:  Weakness Unearthed (short story)

Description:  Human female, short, 5 foot tall, incredibly strong compared to Modern Earthers.

Nickname:  Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Background: A Marine who leaves the Fleet Marines and goes back to Earth and begins training the new ground forces. Came from the family in Utah, her father was a butcher. Snatched by the Outfitters in 1875.

Writing Background:  This story came from my friend Dawn K. We were driving into Universal Studios, waiting our turn to go thru the parking booth and she remarked about how women are stronger than they seem, and I quoted about how more primitive people were much better and stronger than today’s people due to a more robust lifestyle.

This was a truly inspirational conversation with by Dawn K and led to the story Weakness Unearthed. I cursed her because I knew this was a story I had to write and I was planning on going on to my next Renegade book but I put it on hold to write this. (A great friend)

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