Character: Blue

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Rank:  Rescue Technician One

Affiliation: Earth Fleet One,  Temp. assignment to Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger) for training.

Assignment:  Rescue Runner- Free Lunch out of the Clara Barton,  2nd Squadron.

1st Appearance:  Q Runner

Description:  Human female.

Nickname:  “Blue”

Hobbies: Unknown

Background:  Raised in an orphanage but knows who her parents are.  Hair is dyed permanently blue, hence the name, that is all the name she will tell the crew.  A bit brash and believe sex is no big deal.  A bit Claustrophobic in suit.

Location: Barren

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First Mention:  Scouts Out

Significance: Training Planet

Description:  Combination of deserts and volcanoes, unpredictable and strong wind currents (very hazardous piloting conditions).

Location: Sanctuary System

Location: Tunnel

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First Appearance:  Scouts Out

Significance:  A planet used for training purposes.

Description:  A planet with near Earth gravity and atmosphere, used primarily for street to street fighting training, and military movements in urban settings.

Location:  In the Sanctuary System.