The Star Digger

Character: Miles Gray

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Rank: Technician Two

Affiliation:  Stranger Fleet

Assignment:  The Star Digger

1st Appearance:  The Golddigger (short story)

Description:  Male, Human

Nickname: Fuel Man

Hobbies: Unknown

Background:  Big and habitual liar and avoider of work.

Writing Background:  I guess I liked the name Miles, I used this as a character name at least two years before I thought up the Miles Mitchell Mysteries ( Also a favorite of mine was a comic strip of a dog, Miles To Go.

Ships: The Star Digger

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Affiliation:   United Earth (Stranger) Fleet

Designation:   Deep Space Mining of United Earth Fleet Support Squadron

Class:  X Ray Class

Personnel:   450

Support Ship:   None

Tender: Deep Space Survey Vessels

Commanding Officer: Sr. Captian Jim Clark

Positrontic Brain:  Unknown

First Appearance:  Scouts Out

2nd Appearance:  Unknown