Item: Pilot Levels

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5     –  Elementary Level,  passed test on controls,  Minimum of Ten hours in simulator

4   –  Passed Test Extensive test on all procedures.  Minimum thirty hours in simulator, at least one landing and takeoff solo in space for Bravo class, tested on traffic controls procedures in Charlie Class and above.

3    –  Passed advanced test on controls, minimum of sixty hours in simulator,  solo landings both atmosphere and shipboard, for Charlie class and higher passed test on controlling traffic  procedures both standard and emergency.  For Bravo Class ship and higher at least ten simulated hyperspace jumps.

2  –  One hundred hours in simulator,  two actual hyperspace jumps for Bravo class and higher,  fifty hours at actual controls.

1   –  One hundred hours behind controls,  ship to ship docking completed.

First Appearance:  Q Runner