Character: Holly

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Rank: Technican Three, Rescue and Replicator Specialist

Affiliation:  Stranger Fleet

Assignment:  The Redemption

1st Appearance:  Primary Collision

Description:  Human Female, brown eyes, short brown hair.

Nickname: Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Background:  Became supervisor for Oliver and Lou Phat.   Originally from Norway in the  late Viking Age.

Writing Background:

Character: Roberto Fernando Mendez

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Rank:  Rescue Technician Two

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)

Assignment:  Rescue Runner- Free Lunch, out of the Clara Barton,  2nd Squadron

1st Appearance:  Q Runner

Description:  Human male, Hispanic, 18 years old when awoken, tall and thin.

Nickname:  Robert

Hobbies: Baseball

Background:  Grew up in Havana, Cuba, turned 18 in 1950, grew up with cousins, parents died of Flu epidemic when young, painted houses since he was sixteen.  Loves Baseball.

Item: Type Two Mobile Platform- Rescue Configuration

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First Mention:  Q Runner

First Appearance:  Q Runner

Nickname: The Sled

Description:  In the Rescue configuration also affectionately known as a Sled.  It has the capability of maintaining life support for up to six personnel either in a functioning suit or partially damaged environment suites.  In addition to the six personnel hooked up to the Sleds life support the sled has four towing points.  Fully loaded the Sled can operate for 30 minutes.