3rd Fleet

Ship: The Spartan

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Affiliation:   United Earth (3rd Fleet)

Designation:  Training Ship

Class:  Charlie

Personnel:  Standard 200, Can house up to 1000 for training.  One landing deck

Name:  The Spartan

Support Ship:

Tender:  20 shuttle craft

Commanding Officer:   Unknown

First Mention:  Primary Collision when The Arrogant Lion lands and begins to train new recon ship crews.

Character: Amanda

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Rank: Ensign/Shark Pilot

Affiliation:  Earth Fleet (3rd Fleet)

Assignment:  Temporary Assignment to the Redemption

1st Appearance:  Primary Collision

Description:  Human Female, 22 years old  in 2154, grew up in The Scandinavian Confederation, Pansexual

Nickname:  None unless you count “Baby” called by Priscilla “the Godzilla” Barros

Hobbies: Unknown


Writing Background:  Named after a Twitter friend @themadmaddie