Chain of Command (Arrogant Lion)

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 Stranger Fleet

 Bashir-Admiral/Commanding Officer

Jonathan Wasboski-Commander/Second in Command

Leroy St. James-Commander/Chief of Staff


5th Squadron

 Fisher-Commander/Commanding Officer



 De Cluny-Sr. Captain/Commanding Officer

Jonathan Farlow-Sr. Lt./First Mate

Faith Westlock-WO3/Chief Recon Engineer


 Arrogant Lion

 Leo Grant-Jr. Captain/Commanding Officer

Yoshida Burgi-Sr. Lt./Pilot

Fiagata Tuitle- Warrant Officer 2/Chief Engineer

Kim Moon-Jr. Lt./Co-Pilot, Weapons Officer

William Packer-Jr. Lt./Shark Pilot*

Logan Mansfield-Jr. Lt./Shark Pilot

Abraham Guttenberg-Ensign/Communications Officer

Pablo Gonzales-SGT/Senior Gunner*





Flavius-Tech2/General Repairs

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