What is Going on Back on Sanctuary?

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“You should not have done it.”

“Oh come on he is enjoying it so much.”

Achike sighed.

“His delusions have not changed in three years, so instead of fighting them I figure we should just let him have them.”

Achike simply nodded not in agreement but in simple acknowledgment.  He watched the figure on the ‘horse’ as he crossed back and forth across the valley several times.  “You have not made it more unsteady have you, with those legs moving about will it throw the balance off ?”

Domino shook her head.  “Na I built an extra gyros into the base of each leg if anything it is more stable then it was before the modifications.”

Achike nodded at least Austin would not harm himself, at least not anymore than usual.  Achike saw that Austin was approaching and Domino kneeled down.  Achike refused to kneel  but did placate him as much as possible without being foolish.

“Young blacksmith this horse you have procured me is truly a magnificent beast.”  Austin said as he maneuvered the modified hover cycle to within a few feet of the two.

Domino looked up and Austin gave a motion with his hand for him to rise.  “Only the finest beast for the King of Sanctuary my lord.”

“What say you Count Achike of my steed, have you ever seen its equal?”

Achike sighed then answered, it was easier than correcting him. “No I have never seen it’s equal.”

“Quite.”  Austin said then turned his attention back to Domino. “My boy I shall reward you handsomely I know you do not want to become a squire, but perhaps someday I can entice you to come to court and be my personal armorer?” Austin said beaming.  “You could move your family into the castle proper and keep my men’s blades razor sharp.”

Domino smiled, Austin had never acknowledged that she was a girl because being a smith was men’s work.  “Your lord you honor me so, but for now I must decline as I have an extended family to take care of and to move into your castle would leave many of them forlorn and without a means of support.”

“You are a good man Domino thinking of your family but I shall reward you someday.”

“Your gratitude and protection of the realm is all the thanks I need.”  Domino then bowed.

Austin pulled up the control bars of the hover cycle as if urging a horse to rear up.  “Well I am off to survey my fields on my fine new horse, a Kings work is never done.”  He nodded curtly to the taller man “Count Achike.”    Then he sped off across the green fields.



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