Character: Jim Clark

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Rank:  Captain Sr. Grade

Affiliation:  Earth Unified Fleet (Stranger)

Assignment: Star Digger, Deep Space Mining Frigate, Support Squadron.

1st Appearance:  Scouts Out

Description:  Human male,  Red curly hair with a full red beard.  tall and powerfully built but not overly muscular, just wiry. Wears cowboy boots with his duty uniform.

Nickname:  Tex

Hobbies: Growing Tobacco and smoking cigars.

Background:  Ten Years older than Leo Grant,  Drilled for oil in Texas, Mined for gold in Alaska. Had a German Shepard named Hero.

Writing Background:  Based on my maternal Uncles, one of which was named Jim, but really just a homage to all of them.   Strong, steadfast men, I love all of them.    None of them from Texas and none of them were ever miners or prospectors.  

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